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Why You Can’t Lose Weight During Menopause and What To Do Instead


You’ve tried every diet under the sun yet menopause weight gain just won’t budge. In fact, you might even be gaining weight eating LESS and exercising MORE than you used to pre-menopause! It’s enormously frustrating but what if it’s not your fault? Hormonal changes have a huge impact on metabolism and fat storage that mainstream diets don’t address. Read on to discover why you can’t lose menopause weight gain and a better solution.


Metabolism Slowdown in Menopause is REAL

Research shows that declining estrogen during menopause directly causes your metabolism to slow down substantially. What worked for weight loss in your 20s-40s is nearly impossible now. Trying to just exercise more and eat less inevitably fails.


Hormone Imbalance Leads to Fat Storage

In perimenopause and menopause, your hunger and stress hormones become imbalanced. Key hormones like cortisol, ghrelin and leptin now send signals to store more fat cells, especially in the abdominal area as belly fat. This happens even when eating in a calorie deficit!


A Custom Plan Works WITH Your Changing Hormones

Mainstream dieting advice simply doesn’t take your unique hormonal changes into account. Instead of striving for quick weight loss through extreme measures, we focus first on hormone balancing. This kickstarts and accelerates fat burning so you steadily lose weight in a sustainable way.


Contact Us to Start Your Custom Menopause Weight Loss Plan

We help women lose menopause weight gain faster and more effectively through customized nutrition and fitness plans tailored for YOUR hormones and needs. Finally see real results you can maintain long-term. Let us help you lose weight in midlife and beyond by working WITH your body!



Mainstream dieting advice sets you up to fail losing menopause weight gain by not addressing your underlying hormone changes. But working in harmony with your body is truly the answer. Contact Katalyst Fitness and Nutrition today to discover how we can help you lose weight steadily even through menopause and beyond.

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