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Done with Weight Gain and Feeling Frumpy? Follow These 5 Tips to Lose Fat After Menopause


That unwanted fluff and frump that’s shown up out of nowhere during menopause has likely got your confidence at an all-time low. You want to feel comfortable and sexy again but aren’t sure where to start. Read below for 5 simple tips to finally lose fat after menopause so you look and feel your best again.


Balance Blood Sugar to Avoid Fat Storage

Balanced blood sugar keeps your insulin (a fat storage hormone) levels steady so you avoid packing on belly fat. Stick to regular meals with a balance of lean protein, smart carbs, and healthy fats.


Cut Calories Without Deprivation

Create a modest daily calorie deficit through metabolism-boosting foods so you burn fat without triggering hunger. Things like high fiber foods, lean proteins, bone broth and green tea naturally support fat burning.


Lift Heavy to Protect Your Metabolism

The more muscle you build as you age, the better your metabolism and the more fat you burn 24/7. Follow a customized strength training routine 2-3x a week to rev your resting metabolism.


Support Fat Breakdown with Specific Supplements

Strategic supplements like raspberry ketones, CLA, and green coffee bean extract can accelerate your fat burning efforts. Our coaches identify the right ones for you.


Reduce Stress to Decrease Cortisol

High cortisol triggers fat storage around the midsection. Adaptogens, yoga, meditation and Epsom salt baths decrease cortisol so you stay slim.


Contact Us to Start Your Custom Plan!

Regain confidence in your body again! Let our certified coaches help you lose pesky menopause weight gain through expert nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies tailored just for YOU.



Don’t let menopause derail your health and self-confidence. Commit to positive change with these 5 targeted fat loss tips. Then amplify your results through our fully customized approach for sustainable weight loss after 50. You’ve got this!

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