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Finally, a Menopause Weight Loss Solution that Lets You Have Your Cake Too!


What if we told you that you absolutely could lose weight steadily during menopause without depriving yourself of sweet treats? As counterintuitive as it sounds, incorporating foods like chocolate, wine and yes, even cake, into a balanced diet can amplify fat burning versus sabotage it! Read on to discover our “have your cake and lose weight too” secret.


You Don’t Need to Avoid Sweets, Just Rebalance Them

Most diets vilify any and all sugar and sweet treats making weight loss success seem impossible if you want to enjoy the occasional indulgence. But banning foods altogether inevitably leads to binging. Our nutrition coaches show you how to healthfully incorporate your favorite foods like chocolate, ice cream and red wine so you lose fat steadily while still satisfying cravings.


It’s All About Hormone Balancing Foods

The key isn’t just allowing sugary treats but pairing them with metabolism and hormone balancing foods too. Things like healthy fats, high fiber carbs, lean proteins, berries and spice regulate hunger signals. This means when you do indulge occasionally, your blood sugar stays stable so you continue burning fat.


You Get a Tailored Plan That Works FOR You

There’s no one-size-fits-all menopause diet so your food preferences and needs get fully customized into your plan. No two women’s programs look exactly alike. As certified specialists, we focus on hormone-friendly nutrition that helps you lose fat in a WAY that works with your unique body.


Yes – You Really Can Have Your Cake!

Let us help you lose weight steadily and sustainably after 50 while still enjoying all your favorites in balance with hormone-smart nutrition. You don’t need to feel deprived anymore! Contact us today to get started.



You absolutely can lose stubborn weight gained during menopause AND continue to indulge from time to time when you take a tailored, hormonally-intelligent approach. Stop thinking you have to avoid sweets altogether and contact us today to learn how we make your favorite foods a part of your customized weight loss success plan. You’re going to love this!

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