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Why You Must Fix Your Hormones to Finally Lose Belly Fat After Menopause


You’re beyond puzzled as you step on the scale watching your belly grow rounder despite actually shedding pounds. The culprit? Hormones. Unbalanced estrogen, cortisol and other key hormones directly cause your body to cling to stubborn fat during menopause, especially around your midsection. Read on to discover how balancing your hormones is truly the missing key to finally losing stubborn belly fat.


Estrogen Decline Confuses Your Body to Store More Fat

According to research, decreasing estrogen during menopause causes a phenomenon known as “estrogen dominance”. This state tricks your cells into holding onto more fat for fuel, predominantly in the abdominal region. This is why endless cardio isn’t cutting it!


Cortisol & Insulin Changes Promote Belly Fat

On top of wonky estrogen levels, changes in cortisol and insulin during menopause also trigger increases in abdominal and “visceral” belly fat storage. This deep “sticky” fat envelopes your organs and is linked to health issues like diabetes and heart disease.


Target Hormones Through Tailored Nutrition

We identify YOUR hormonal imbalances causing stubborn belly fat storage, then customize supplement and eating plans to address them. This helps regulate fat burning hormones so you finally begin releasing fat, especially around the belly.


Contact Us to Start Balancing Your Hormones

Stop wasting time with generalized weight loss tactics and start fixing the ROOT hormonal imbalances that prevent belly fat loss during menopause. Let our experts optimize your diet, lifestyle and supplements so you target and release stubborn fat ASAP while supporting overall health.



Until hormonal roadblocks are addressed, belly fat is nearly impossible to lose through conventional diet and exercise changes alone. Let us help you address the source – hormonal imbalances caused by menopause. Contact us today to start getting the flat, firm belly you desire!

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