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Many women believe that menopause makes it impossible to reach their physique goals.

I understand the frustration and sense of helplessness, I was there too!

While menopause can make it seem like an uphill battle, you can absolutely have the body you want using nutrition, fitness and mindset, I'm excited to show you how!


"I help women work with their hormones through lifestyle changes, diet, and exercise to help them lose fat and get toned, reaching body composition goals while also improving their health and relationship with food.

You can absolutely thrive in any of the stages of menopause."

Kathy Cote

Katapulting Women’s Health

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As we age, our bodies undergo significant changes – increasing the need for tailored guidance. The 90 Day Mastering Menopause Method is a comprehensive online experience that offers personalized guidance and support to navigate these changes effectively.

With a comprehensive program that focuses on all aspects of health and wellness, you can achieve sustainable health and fitness goals – at any age!

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Hear from clients who are now living their best lives because of Katalyst Fitness and Nutrition’s  comprehensive approach to fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and mindset!

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