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Lose Belly Fat Fast After 50 Without Extreme Dieting or Hours In the Gym


That spare tire around your midsection is likely the bane of your existence. No matter how many crunches you do or how often you step on the scale, the belly fat after 50 just won’t budge. You want it gone but don’t want to spend hours starving in the gym or sweating on a treadmill to make it happen. Read below to discover how you can finally lose belly fat quickly without extremes.


Stop Counting Calories and Rev Up Your Metabolism

Tracking every morsel that goes in your mouth is tedious, unsustainable, and often backfires. Instead, we’ll customize a eating plan with delicious metabolism-boosting foods so your body naturally burns fat all day. No calorie counting required! We’ll fuel you properly so you lose fat fast.


Strategic Exercise Beats Hours of Endless Cardio

Research shows too much steady-state cardio can stimulate appetite and eat away precious metabolic muscle. Our fitness coaches will create a plan that incorporates strength training and high intensity interval training tailored to your needs so you burn maximum fat in less time.


Target Belly Fat Where It Lives – On A Cellular Level

Our cutting edge biohacks go beyond food and fitness to laser target stubborn fat cells around your midsection. We tap into cellular energy production, gut health, and key hormones with supplements, stress reduction techniques and more. This catalyzes results faster.


Contact Us to Lose Your Menopause Belly Fat

We combine science-backed nutrition, strategic fitness and biohacking into one customized solution. Finally lose that stubborn belly fat for good without extreme dieting or hours of boring exercise. Contact Katalyst Fitness and Nutrition today to schedule your complimentary discovery call.



Lose belly fat faster than you thought possible after 50 when you take the RIGHT holistic approach. No rigorous dieting, no exhausting workouts. Just efficient, targeted techniques and sustainable habits that get you real results. Ditch the muffin top for good! We can’t wait to help.

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