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Shrink Unwanted Fat and Align Your Health During Menopause


Menopause often wreaks havoc on both physical and mental health with weight gain, loss of wellbeing, and emotional distress. But instead of just “dealing with” unwanted changes, you can shrink fat AND create total alignment in body and mind during this transition. Read on to discover how.


Regulate Hunger and Cravings Through Blood Sugar Balance

Unstable blood sugar and insulin during menopause promote weight gain and energy crashes. We customize meal spacing and macronutrients to steady hormones so you avoid extremes.


Support Nutrient Absorption With Gut-Healthy Foods

Optimizing digestion and gut health during a time of GI changes ensures you properly break down fat-burning nutrients from food instead of storing them as excess fluff.


Relieve Emotional Eating Triggers With Mindset Support

Stress less and release mental roadblocks around self-worth, aging, and diet mentality. This alleviates emotional eating triggers so you rely on inner wisdom vs cravings.


Contact Us to Start Your Custom Menopause Plan

We help you feel anchored in total wellbeing during this transition both physically and mentally. Finally see the healthy, happy you shine through!


With our holistic support, you can feel centered, energized and comfortable in your skin during menopause and beyond. Let us help you embrace this new chapter with positivity, power and grace!

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