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Jane Lost 4 Sizes in 90 Days Through Our Customized Menopause Program


Like so many women, Jane struggled with rapid weight gain and plummeting self-confidence during menopause. After years of failing fad diets and intense exercise plans, she was ready to hide under baggy clothes indefinitely…until discovering our customized approach. Read on for her incredible story!


Years of Failure and Frustration

No matter what Jane tried over the years – low carb, high cardio, extreme calorie restriction – her menopause weight would not budge. In fact, she gained FAT while losing muscle mass, which slowed her metabolism further. She was down to a size 14 at her heaviest.


Freedom AND Results?!

We assured Jane she absolutely could lose fat steadily without extreme restriction thanks to a customized nutrition plan working with her unique hormones and needs. While skeptical after years of failure, she dove in. We made sure favorite treats could still be included!


4 Sizes Down in 90 Days!

In just 3 months following her tailored plan focusing on hormone balancing, metabolism supporting foods and strategic cheating, Jane dropped over 30 pounds and 4 sizes! And the best part? The weight has stayed off thanks to sustainability. Jane feels better than ever!


It Was All About Customization

Jane transformation isn’t due to us using some magical secret formula. It was all about crafting a plan specific to HER preferences, ever-changing hormonal needs, and lifestyle. This allowed steady fat loss she could actually sustain long-term!



Just like our girl Jane, YOU can absolutely lose significant fat through menopause and perimenopause without extreme restriction. Ditch the old, failed dieting beliefs and let us help you customize something doable AND effective! We can’t wait to hear YOUR success story.

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