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Quit Focusing on the Scale If You Want to Finally Lose Weight After Menopause


If hopping on and off the scale has become an emotional rollercoaster after “the change”, it’s time to ditch it for good. Although mainstream diet culture preaches daily weigh-ins, this number means almost nothing for women losing weight through menopause. Read on to find out why and how to assess your progress in a way BETTER aligned with your unique hormonal shifts and needs.


The Scale Lies Thanks to Hormones

In menopause, decreasing estrogen causes more water retention and muscle loss. Meanwhile, cortisol and insulin changes force your body to cling to fat cells. So while the number on the scale drops from shedding water and muscle, your body fat percentage barely budges. Frustrating!


Focus on Inches, Body Fat % and How Clothes Fit

While the scale will badly mislead you, better progress markers during menopause are body measurements, body fat percentage, and how your clothing fits. These accurately display fat burning and improved body composition as you become trim and toned.


Ditch Stress of Daily Weigh-Ins

Constant weight fluctuations are normal, especially for women as hormone levels rise and fall. But irrational scale obsession destroys your confidence and self-worth when numbers temporarily spike from non-fat causes like constipation or normal water retention.


Assess Progress Through Our Comprehensive Approach

Our certified coaches ditch scale-watching to track your custom nutrition, fitness and mindset plan through measurements, body fat testing, before and after photos, lab work, and how energized and comfortable you feel. Results all around!



Stop letting a flaky number on the scale determine your self-worth and undermine your menopause weight loss efforts. Trust the process through more accurate progress tracking and by surrounding yourself with our team’s expert support so you feel empowered, motivated and thrilled with your transformation. You’ve got this!

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