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Finally Losing Menopause Weight Gain and Belly Fat with Food Freedom!


If you think you can’t lose weight through menopause AND continue enjoying bread, chocolate, wine and other crave-worthy foods, Jean’s incredible success story will make you think again! After struggling for years, she finally carved out a life with food freedom AND lost 40 lbs working with our coaches. Read on for her amazing testimonial.


The Struggle Was Real

Like so many women in menopause, Jean battled with slow metabolism, intense hunger pangs, and crazy cravings as she gained weight rapidly in her late 40’s. After decades of regimented eating, she was desperate for balance.


Freedom AND Results?!

Jean didn’t think it was humanly possible to lose significant fat through menopause while still enjoying pasta, chocolate and the occasional drink. But under expert guidance, she learned exactly how to indulge her favorites alongside hormone-healthy nutrition.


40 Pounds Down and NO Deprivation

In just 8 months following her expertly tailored plan focusing on gut health, metabolism, hormones, and portions, Jean lost over 40 lbs! And she gets to splurge on crave-worthy foods nearly every day without an ounce of guilt or blowback on the scale. Food freedom baby!


Customization Was Key

Jean credits her amazing transformation to having an eating plan utterly customized to match her unique preferences, needs and ever-changing hormonal state after 50. Thanks to flexibility, sustainability and hormone balancing guidance, the weight finally came off AND stayed off!



Just like our girl Jean, YOU can absolutely find balance and results losing menopause weight gain while still fitting in your dietary favorites when you take a personalized approach. Ditch restriction for food freedom and long-lasting success! Let us help you have your cake – and eat it too!

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