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She works a desk job and is busy from 9 to 5. She doesn’t do a lot in the way of exercise, maybe a walk or something on the weekend. She’s tired all the time, relying on coffee for energy and just wishes she had more energy. When she gets home she’s exhausted and too tired to do anything, but then when it’s time for bed she’s wired and doesn’t sleep well. 

She has digestion issues and often feels bloated before bed. She has no idea how many calories she’s eating or how many she should be having. She tends to skip breakfast, just having a coffee, and then has something to eat every 2 hours because she heard this will keep her metabolism up. She doesn’t eat a lot during the day because she’s so busy, and has most of her calories at night.

Her day looks like this and this may look familiar to you also. She wakes up, feeling tired and has some coffee on the way to work and then another one when she gets there. At 10 a.m. she has a snack bar and then at noon she’ll have a quick salad for lunch if she can, and another snack around 2 p.m. with an afternoon coffee. She gets home around 5 and she’s starving so she raids the pantry for whatever is easy. She sits on the couch for a bit while she tries to figure out what’s for dinner. 

After dinner she sits down to watch some TV she grabs a snack of some popcorn and ice cream and then she gets another little burst of energy. She finally gets to bed around 12:00, tossing and turning. Her weekends are typically meals out because she’s just tired of cooking.

This is a very common scenario. For her I want to see what she’s eating on the weekends as well as weekdays before I calculate her calorie needs, a Thursday to Sunday diary. 

 This is what I would recommend for her nutrition and exercise protocol. 

Since she is unfamiliar with tracking this is going to be a bit of a learning curve and I would just start her out with tracking protein. Then I would set up her meals to be evenly spread throughout the day with a focus on protein at each meal.

I would have her eating roughly 500 calories for each meal and then a snack wherever she sees fit. Prioritizing time for breakfast and lunch so that she isn’t snacking throughout the day or starving when she gets home.

I would have her start with at least two days a week of strength training, full body workouts. I would also encourage her to get in 5-8 thousand steps a day, incorporating a short walk before work and after dinner. By getting in some daily activity and some weight bearing exercise she’s going to be burning more calories each day. By eating in a regular pattern her digestion should improve and she should have more energy throughout the day. and she’ll be able to do more and more each month.

The next thing I would recommend is weaning herself off of coffee in the afternoon, maybe switching to decaf. Also, unplugging electronics by 10 pm so she can be in bed by 11 pm and sleep better. 

A client like this can typically expect weight loss to be anywhere from 4 to 8 pounds a month until she reaches her goal, simply by knowing how many calories she’s eating, spreading out those meals and having more energy to do activities. This is going to be the key to her successful weight loss. 

If you know anyone that would be interested in this information please share it with them. If you have any questions about any of these scenarios or don’t seem to fit in any one of these just shoot me a message I’d love to write up a post or hop on a call and talk to you about it!

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