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Black Cohosh:  Black cohosh root is commonly used in traditional Native American medicine for medicinal purposes and womens’ health issues like menopause symptoms and PMS. Be aware that blue cohosh or white cohosh are unrelated plants and do not have the same effects as black cohosh, and may not be safe.

Black cohosh may be effective because it functions as a phytoestrogen, but there is some debate as to whether it can be classified as such. It does seem to have effects similar to estrogen and in some parts of the body, black cohosh might increase the effects of estrogen. In other parts of the body, black cohosh might decrease the effects of estrogen. Estrogen itself has various effects in different parts of the body as well as at different stages of life. It shouldn’t be used as a substitute for estrogen, but it does act similarly to estrogen in some people.

Black cohosh root also contains several chemicals that might have effects on the immune system and might help the body to reduce inflammation.

There is research that shows that combining black cohosh with other herbs can be beneficial. Black cohosh plus rhodiola may improve mood-related symptoms of menopause than black cohosh alone. Black cohosh plus St. John’s wort seems to reduce menopausal symptoms. Other combinations might also be beneficial, such as those that contain Panax ginseng, soy, and green tea extract or kava, hops, and valerian extract in addition to black cohosh.



  • In one study in 80 menopausal women who were experiencing hot flashes, those who supplemented with 20 mg of black cohosh daily for 8 weeks reported significantly fewer and less severe hot flashes than before they started the supplement.
  • Although there’s little evidence that black cohosh can improve sleep, it may help reduce symptoms that are causing sleep disturbances in menopausal women, such as hot flashes.
  • One study found that supplementing with black cohosh seemed to improve sleep duration and quality.
  • Many women experience weight gain in menopause as their estrogen levels naturally decrease black cohosh may have a small benefit on weight gain.
  • A 2010 review by researchers found that black cohosh provided a 26% reduction in hot flashes and night sweats. 
  • Research shows black cohosh is most likely to relieve symptoms related to reductions or imbalances in the hormone estrogen .



Recommended doses vary widely between black cohosh brands. Typical doses are anywhere from 20–120 mg of standardized black cohosh extract or powder daily. For menopause symptoms, take at least 20 mg of black cohosh daily. You may experience changes to your menstrual cycle when you stop taking it.


  •  Side effects from black cohosh include nausea, skin rashes and headaches and are more likely to occur at high doses. Black cohosh has been linked to severe cases of liver damage. If you have pre-existing liver problems, or are taking any other medications that affects the liver, you should check in with your health care provider before using it.
  • Since Black cohosh acts somewhat like estrogen, there is some concern that it could worsen conditions that are affected by female hormones. These conditions include ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, endometriosis, fibroids, and other conditions.

I hope you found this information useful. Black cohosh is relatively safe taken in the correct doses and I found it to be extremely helpful with excessive sweating.

*Disclaimer: This article is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be construed as medical advice. Please consult your health care provider if you need medical advise.

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